• designed by Philip Johnson

Centaur brokered a fresh renovation and new tenant for this long-vacant building at 700 Market Street in downtown St. Louis. This 31-year old structure in prime downtown was designed by noted architect Philip Johnson, and is the youngest building in St. Louis on the National Register of Historic Places, and an iconic post-modernist landmark.  However, its unique layout made it a tough match for many tenants, who found it difficult to justify the renovations needed to make the unique split-level design work for their requirements.

Centaur acquired the property in 2004 after it was left vacant by the departing General American Life Insurance Company, with the hope of preserving the building’s historic and visionary design while also performing the renovations needed to attract a suitable long-term tenant.  Serving as a steward and advocate for the landmark building in a changing urban downtown, Centaur negotiated a 20-year tenancy with The Lacedele Utilities Group, which has agreed to undertake a $46.6 million rehabilitation and remodeling of the building. Centaur’s investment has assured that downtown St. Louis will active as an bustling and architecturally unique urban center for generations to come.